• I’ve never found an online conference so engaging before. Great guests and some really fascinating discussions.”

  • “This was a really interesting conference and something completely different that I haven’t seen around before. It really gave me food for thought about the future and how roles are changing. I particularly enjoyed Giulia’s talk as it felt so positive to see this way of working.”

  • I thoroughly enjoyed the whole day, great introduction, every single presentation great in its own way, so informative and some of it really eye-opening. I would definitely attend another one, be it online or live.”

  • Well-organised, good and quick communication. Interesting topic, excellent choice of speakers (variety!). Definitely worth attending.”

  • Topic and speakers were all excellent, they opened up a world I had no idea about! So I think a great selection of speakers, I enjoyed, in particular, the one by Jamie Brown and Giulia Tarditi. But honestly, all of them! I also liked the time table, with a few minutes between one talk and the other and the coffee break with the video chat room for that human touch you cannot get because of the virtual world we are living in now.”

  • The conference was superb. I really think you, Maria, are a natural. You were charming and positive and really had a huge impact on the success of the event.”

  • It was a fantastic day well spent! Super organisation, committed/engaging moderators, fantastic speakers, perfect pace (breaks), fun (I loved the Bingo), I don’t see any room for improvement. Thank you very much!”

  • “I really liked the conference, the topics that it covered and the selection of speakers. Also, I must compliment the organisers – they did all steps right, everything was timely, organised, clear, smooth and just very well done! I am looking forward to participating next year!”

  • The Creative Language Conference was a fabulous online event and all speakers were very knowledgeable, clear, interesting and ready to answer all questions.”

  • “Well done to Maria and her team! Initially, I was disappointed that the event could not be held in person but they have managed to give the participants a full day of top talks. So much food for thought in a unique conference, so much value! I am already looking forward to the next one.

  • One of the most interesting conferences I attended this year. Great talks, very insightful topics, and the entire organisation was great: 45 minutes for each talk is the perfect time, with a good break within each other. You really did a wonderful job! I can’t wait for the next one!”

  • I just loved the conference: great organisation, time management, speakers, chats… I’d repeat anytime.”

  • “This year’s Creative Language Conference was so interesting and so smoothly run by Maria and the team at Crisol. Even when there were minor technical issues over Zoom, they kept calm and got everything running within a very short space of time. The hosts made sure all questions were answered and allowed for some networking throughout the day. All the talks were well-timed and kept to the slots, with nice breaks between for refreshment and toilet breaks. Will definitely attend next year if it runs! I learned a lot in one day!”

  • Organisation was superb! I loved having one link per session, and I enjoyed the interactivity of the break. It was an AMAZING scoop into the world of AI.”


Attendees will include representatives from marketing companies, software development companies, AI businesses, language services providers, magazines, publishing companies, copywriters, writers, translators, designers, etc. Basically anyone who has a need for creative language (both verbal and visual) and international marketing services.


We will be discussing topics that benefit all attendees and cover what the future holds:

  • What the role of AI is in the human interaction aspects of today’s business (customer service, sales, data, etc.).
  • What human tasks AI is replacing and which ones still need a human touch.
  • How the nature of human work is shifting to accommodate AI.
  • What role AI plays in the provision of multilingual services (translation, localisation, transcreation, etc.).
  • What the role of AI is in creative written language and marketing (copywriting, writing, marketing, media, etc.).
  • What the potential of AI is in culture and creative visual language (art, tourism, photography, the film industry, etc.).
  • Neural Machine Translation and language processing: applications, challenges, etc.



09.30 – 09.50: Opening and introductions

10.00 – 10.45: Session 1. AI and Visual Language in Photography – Arwyn Bailey “The Time Lord”

11.00 – 11.45: Session 2. Personality of a Bot – Nastasya Savina

12.00 – 12.45: Session 3. Transcreation in the Age of AI: Scoring Content on the Base of Its Impact on UX – Giulia Tarditi

12.45 – 13.30: Lunch Break

13.30 – 14.15: Session 4. Language Technology, Powered by Humans – Jamie Brown

14.30 – 15.15: Session 5. Ethical Concerns of AI in Marketing – Sabina Jasinska

15.15 – 15.45: Coffee Break

15.45 – 16.30: Session 6. How Will Bots Shape the Work that We Do? – Tina Squire

16.45 – 17.30: Session 7. AI and Translators: Quite the Power Couple? – Gaetan Chrétiennot

17.30: Closing & thanks