How to Get Buy-In from Our Creative Colleagues to Follow Localisation Processes

Almost everyone who works in the localisation industry (or any industry really) needs to successfully collaborate with others to reach a particular goal. Most of the time, this is a common goal, for example, to reach as many customers with your product as possible. However, different teams operate in different ways and getting buy-in from and aligning with others to follow a process can be challenging.

In my experience, there is an assumption that the more creative among us –designers, copy- and content writers or translators– follow less rigid processes than project managers, but is this really true? I believe that no matter the team you’re on, chances are in order to succeed you will need to apply both structure and creativity.

In this presentation, I will show how localisation teams can lead the way in operational excellence by setting up processes and getting buy-in from those around you to follow them. I will also demonstrate how everyone can benefit from this alignment in the end.