LinkedIn Post Anatomy for B2B Marketing: Ways to Write Short-Form Content Proven to Maximise Engagement

My talk deconstructs the LinkedIn post, the short-form pieces of content we see whenever we visit the LinkedIn home feed. Now that LinkedIn is a fully-fledged social network that supports rich media, voice conversations, group chats and more, we can treat the short-form post as the best way for us to build visibility and credibility for our businesses.
But not all posts work well on LinkedIn. In this sense, it’s a peculiar type of social media. For example, the prevailing advice for other platforms is that including an image increases engagement, but the exact opposite is true on LinkedIn. In another case, using 30 hashtags on Instagram might be considered wise, but that’s the last thing you’d do on LinkedIn.
This talk will look at best practices for short-form posting, and I’ll step through the anatomy of what I believe makes an effective post based on my 4 years of testing and research.
We’ll discuss posting categories, headlines, breakpoints, tagging, calls to action and more – and you’ll get my best tips for maximising the engagement on your LinkedIn posts.