Perception, Experience, and Reality: Do Photographs Tell the Truth?

The way in which we perceive what might be a reality for us can be changed by and through our experience. Our reality is then shifted somewhat.

As one of the most sought after event photographers in the U.K., Arwyn Bailey will use “magic” and his experiences to demonstrate this process from illusion to reality. In fact, Arwyn maintains that the saying that “The Camera never lies” is a lie in itself. Whether it be the oldest cave painting in the world, that has just been discovered, which is 45,500 years old, or a shot with the latest digital camera, perception arises from the experiences of the viewer.

The perspective in which an image is taken or the way that light is used can alter our perception of what lies before us. An image which is colour can tell an entirely different story to when it is black and white. We may then be shown a different perspective. Then, we cannot ignore this new reality.

Arwyn Bailey will share his experiences of working with some of the biggest names on the planet, such as Microsoft, Fortnite, HPe, Xbox 360 amongst others, and how he creates new realities.