Seek the Contact: Why Internal Linking for SEO Is Like Coaching a Football Team

You may have heard the analogy that a coach is to a football team as a manager is to a business, in that both direct the operations of a team to execute a plan. Well, SEO is no different, and you’re the manager.

How many times have we created copy for a website, targeting the best keywords ever, thinking that this piece of content is going to be the “Lionel Messi” of all the existing content out there and that it’s going to skyrocket our website’s search visibility?

Well, of course that could be the case. However, in terms of SEO, we shouldn’t think about the content we are creating as a solo-playing “Lionel Messi”. Instead, we should think of it as team play, where all elements collaborate with each other, like the Germany national football “dream team”.

This means that each piece of content on the website is smartly connected, which helps users move successfully through the different stages of the journey and increase overall search visibility. Continuing with this football allegory: what connects all players of any dream team is a ball. In SEO, our ball is what we call Internal Linking, which interlocks all existing content on the website.

In this presentation, Anabella will talk about what the best practices around Internal Linking are, not only from an SEO perspective but also as a UX strategy, so you can start implementing it and go beyond keyword targeting when creating content for your or your client’s website.