The Creative Brain: How Humans Respond to Aesthetics and Emotion

In this talk, Imogen will discuss some research she has carried out to try and understand the creative brain, combining the art and science world. Working with others further indulges our creative development and what we, humans, are good at. Everything we have built, designed and achieved is all from our creative mind. Her research focuses on emotion and aesthetics to see how the brain responds when using certain neuroenhancement techniques. The aesthetic stimuli used is music and photographs exploring how our brain responds to beauty, one expression of creativity. Similarly, language pulls on themes of harmony/beauty in creating perfect syntax that drives a positive experience when reading that engaging article, or that book you can’t put down.

Neuroaesthetics, as the field of creative neuroscience is termed, is still in its infancy. Therefore, this talk will explore not only Imogen’s research but extend to further literature to express the importance of being creative. Creativity is our signature expression of how we build our internal vision and make it our reality.