Andrew Morris

Andrew Morris

Social Media Director at and Founder of Tell My Story

Writer and storyteller Andrew Morris has a way with words and people. Through his business Tell My Story, he writes for a wide variety of clients from entrepreneurs to artists, and from freelancers to institutions. He also works a Social Media Director for and his diverse pieces for them on the freelance life are read by thousands of translators every day and he maintains an active social media presence in both personal and professional capacities. In short, there are too many words inside him just bursting to get out.

Andrew started out in teaching and training and has lived in over a dozen countries around the world, with occasional dabblings in journalism throughout those years. He began a second career as a translator in 2009 and started posting on social media in 2014, which led to his current role (one among many) – leading communications campaigns for ProZ, whose social media groups cater to nearly 150,000 members. Tell My Story was born in 2020 and is already a screaming toddler and growing fast. Andrew lives and works in Andalusia, Spain.




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