Eike Marie Eiting

Eike Marie Eiting

Localisation Manager at Jimdo GmbH

Eike-Marie likes to understand what drives people and supports them by offering collaborative processes that are effective and feel easy to use. She takes positions, defines, and establishes them: “From experience, I know that when it works (or doesn’t work), it’s either in the process, communication, or both.”

Eike-Marie has a strong customer service background. She has brought the customer perspective to cross-functional teams, led customer service teams, and facilitated organizational change and growth. She combines concepts like continuous development and the Pareto principle, to build an approach for actually making work, *work.*

As Localisation Manager at Jimdo GmbH, she aims to set up processes that connect teams and facilitate collaboration, at the same time raising awareness around the importance of localization and transcreation when expanding to different markets.



Juggling the Transcreation of Highly Creative Content and Business Priorities: A Translation Buyer’s Perspective

Eike-Marie Eiting will share her experience and learnings, from 3 years as a Localisation Manager at Jimdo GmbH, of what makes translation/transcreation challenging. While it’s easy to see how it should ideally be, devising ways to execute it in the context of the outcomes you want to have as a business, the capacity, tooling, processes, […]