John Espirian

John Espirian

Technical Copywriter at

Lord John Espirian of Hougun Manor, as his full title goes, is a former software & hardware tester, a former Microsoft Most Valuable Professional (MVP), and a former director of the UK’s largest editorial society. When he worked as a quality assurance manager for one of the UK’s largest internet service providers, he used to be the guy answering everyone’s questions: “How does this work?” “What does this mean?” “Why’s this bloody error happening?” He’d explain how stuff worked so that anyone would get it. He was a natural teacher.
In 2009, John went solo and became an independent technical copywriter. As a one-person business, he’s glad that he can make his tea with two teabags and no one can tell him off. He works remotely with clients around the world from his home office in Newport, South Wales, UK.
B2B clients hire him to explain how their products, services, and processes work. This includes web pages, blogs & articles, case studies, LinkedIn profiles. John is known in part for his book, Content DNA, where he talks all about how to define a personal brand and then to be the same “shape” everywhere.

LinkedIn Post Anatomy for B2B Marketing: Ways to Write Short-Form Content Proven to Maximise Engagement

My talk deconstructs the LinkedIn post, the short-form pieces of content we see whenever we visit the LinkedIn home feed. Now that LinkedIn is a fully-fledged social network that supports rich media, voice conversations, group chats and more, we can treat the short-form post as the best way for us to build visibility and credibility […]