Mario Pluzny

Mario Pluzny

Localisation Manager at Tenable

Mario has a passion for languages, human relationships, and technology. He has put those together to become a successful Localisation Manager, currently helping Tenable Inc. talking to cybersecurity and IT leaders in their relevant language. What drives him most is the willingness to innovate, learn, and grow. His mantra is to never stop learning, and he believes in the value of education.

Mario is extremely passionate about cross-functional collaboration, communication, and efficiency, and those skills are the key to his professional development as a Localisation Manager and a thought leader. His other passions are exploring new cultures through travel, true crime documentaries, human psychology, cooking, hiking, skiing, dogs, fitness, and American Football.

Mario’s specialties include:
• Computer-Assisted Translation (CAT) and Translation Management Systems (TMS): Phrase, Memsource, XTM, Lokalise, Transifex
• Languages: German (native), English (near-native), French (conversational), Spanish (working knowledge)
• Localisation Project Management implemented via Kanban, Agile, or Waterfall
• Building high-performing virtual teams of global on- and offsite linguists, editors and reviewers
• Mastering stakeholder relationship management as well as client and vendor relationships
• Copywriting: High-quality clear and concise marketing and product copy across multiple platforms
• Linguistics: NLP, Phonetics, Syntax
• Software: JIRA, Confluence, Trello, HubSpot, Asana, Figma, SurveyMonkey, Google Analytics, Data Studio, Jupyter Notebooks




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